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Carbon dioxide

Carbon dioxide is a colourless and odourless gas condensed to a liquid. The gas is inert, non-combustible and oxygen suppressing. It is heavier than air.

The most known application of carbon dioxide is as sparkling means in soft drinks and beer. It is frequently used in conservatory cultivation and slaughterhouses. When packing nutrition carbon dioxide is also used, whether or not mixed with nitrogen. A not insignificant application of carbon dioxide is the use of it with fire-fighting equipment (fire extinguishers). Carbon dioxide also prevents the development of bacteria and is used for the control of the pH of waste water and swimming pools.

Physicochemical constants

Symbol CO2
Average molecular weight (kg/mol) 44.01
Density of the gas (kg/m3 at 1.013 bar and 0 °C) 1.977
Relative density of the gas (air=1) 1.53
Sublimation point - 78.5 °C (194.7 K)
Critical temperature t = 31 °C (304.2 K), p = 73.8 bar
Vapour pressure (bar at 20 °C) 57
Self-combustion temperature not flammable

1 litre liquid CO2 releases 500 litres gas at 15 °C and 1 bar.

Application areas

Used for maintenance work on refrigerating equipment

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CO2 (cylinders with dip tube) for chromatography at negative temperatures

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The CO2 laser is the most common and is commonly used in metallurgy

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Gas Metal Arc Welding is also referred to as Metal Inert Gas or Metal Active Gas Welding

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To maintain a healthy level of pH

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CO2 for a healthy and beautiful plant growth

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CO2 supports the firing with a paint ball-pistol

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An animal-friendly way to choke infected animals by CO2

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The neutralisation of basic waste water done by means of CO2

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CO2 to lower the concentration of oxygen within an installation

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Refrigerating during a power failure

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CO2, both gaseous as well as in the form of dry ice, is an excellent tool for pest control

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For fast stopping of the supply of oxygen and limit damage

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The addition of CO2 ensures the flow of the beer to the tap and is essential for the foam head

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Liquid CO2 as refrigerant, used to keep the temperature low

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As an animal- and user-friendly alternative for electric stunning of pigs for slaughter

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CO2 is used for many applications within the brewing process

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Liquid CO2 is able to keep the temperature low enough

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Carbon dioxide is used to enlarge the abdominal cavity during a surgical intervention

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Delivery forms

Gas form - Cylinders

Content Diameter Height Total weight Kg CO2
50 l * 22.9 cm +/- 1.7 m +/- 100 kg 37.5
45 l * 22.9 cm +/- 1.55 m +/- 90 kg 33
27 l * 20.4 cm +/- 1.25 m +/- 60 kg 20
13 l *  14.0 cm +/- 1.20 m +/- 30 kg 10
13 l* 20.4 cm +/- 0.70 m +/- 30 kg 10
7 l 13.0 cm +/- 0.70 m +/- 15 kg 5
5 l 13.0 cm +/- 0.55 m +/- 12 kg 3.5
2 l 10.5 cm +/- 0.45 m +/- 6 kg 1.5

* Also available with dip tube for liquid removal (characterised by a red line on the cylindrical part and the letter P on the ogive).

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Gas form – Cylinder bundles

Content Length Width Height Total Weight CO2
12 bottles (50 l) 1050 800 1990 +/- 1450 kg 450 kg
12 bottles (45 l) 1050 800 1840 +/- 1350 kg 396 kg

More information about our cylinder bundles

Liquid frozen form

  • in vacuum insulated tanks/containers: documentation on request (15 bar / -25 °C)
  • in tank- containers (645 L)
  • in tank trucks/tank containers
  • in high pressure spheres: 2300 kg
  • in dewars

Propellant gas

  • according EU231/2012
  • according HACCP-system
  • E-number: E290
  • food grade: purity 4.5.

Cylinder identification

Colour  (according to NBN-EN 1089):

  • the cylindrical part is painted dark grey RAL 7031
  • the ogive is painted in light grey RAL 7037

Shut off cock connection standard: W21,8 x 1/14”- right /external (NBN226/DIN477)

Stop cock material: brass – residual pressure shut-off valve

Identification: ISO-sticker with ADR-data and H - and P-sentences according CLP

Specification of the quality

Cylinders (gas)

Name CO2 vol % H2O vol. ppm O2+N2 vol. ppm O2 vol. ppm N2 vol. ppm CnHm CO vol. ppm Tot. S vol. ppm
3.0 ≥ 99.9 ≤ 10 ≤ 300 - - ≤ 10 ≤ 1 -
4.5* ≥ 99.995 ≤ 5 - ≤ 5 ≤ 20 ≤ 10 - -
Med. CO2 min. 99.5 ≤ 67 - - - - ≤ 5 ≤ 1

Indication according to EN ISO14175: C.1

* cylinders with sticker indication 4.5 (food grade)

Bulk (liquid, frozen)

Name CO2 vol % H2O vol. ppm O2 + N2 vol. ppm O2 vol. ppm N2 vol. ppm CnHm vol. ppm CO vol. ppm Tot. S vol. ppm
3.0 ≥ 99.9 See specification sheet (on request)

Indication according EN ISO14175: C.1

Transport and storage in vacuum insulated containers, thermos

Safety information

See the safety information sheet (SDS) nr: 018A (to liquid condensed gas) and B (liquid, frozen).


Piping systems are pressure and product-linked and must be taken care of by competent people taking into considerations the current standards and legislation. Each gas with its specific purity requires suitable material.

IJsfabriek Strombeek can supply you with the suitable material for every application such as: mufflers, flow meters, filters, valves, pressure gauges...