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Laboratory gases

For applications in laboratories specific gases and gas mixtures with a higher degree of purity are used.

Application areas

Some examples:

  • Carrying gases for chromatography: helium, hydrogen and nitrogen in various purities
  • CO2 (cylinders with dip tube) for chromatography at negative temperatures
  • Hydrogen and hydrocarbon-free air for Flame Ionisation Detector (FID)
  • Argon (gaseous or liquid) for inductively coupled plasma (ICP)
  • Laughing gas and acetylene for atomic absorption


In addition to the different high-purity gases, IJsfabriek Strombeek can also offer you all the necessary control equipment, piping, automatic switching stations and more.


IJsfabriek Strombeek has the expertise in house to help you with all your specific applications. Our team of engineers will guide you with all their experience by selecting the most appropriate gases and equipment. For more info about the specifications of the gases and gas mixtures you can you consult the technical sheets under the section Documents and Tools.

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