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Storage tanks

For many users a continuous supply of gas to the process is of crucial importance. Depending on consumption IJsfabriek Strombeek can offer an installation with which a storage tank is fitted that contains liquefied gas. Through the very strong insulation properties of the storage tanks liquid gas may be stored for a longer period in the tank.

For the gases oxygen, nitrogen and argon cryogenic, vacuum-insulated storage tanks are always used. These have very good properties to maintain the cold liquid in liquid form by the very powerful vacuum between the double-walled tank. In most cases, liquid CO2 and liquid laughing gas are also stored in such a storage tank, but one can also keep CO2 in a sphere or in conventional isolated storage tanks.

IJsfabriek Strombeek can deliver the storage tanks in various sizes. The most commonly used capacities are:

  • 3000 litres
  • 5000 litres
  • 6000 litres
  • 10000 litres
  • 20000 litres
  • 50000 litres

The storage tank is in most cases combined with an atmospheric or electrical evaporator to allow to convert the liquid to gaseous product. In some cases, such as for refrigeration, the liquid nitrogen or liquid CO2 will be directly injected in the process of the user. In these cases, no evaporators are fitted.

All storage tanks are equipped with the necessary safety provisions and are inspected and tested within intervals as stipulated by the law by a sworn testing organism. Since this goes together with a large initial investment cost, the installation is handled via a monthly rental formula.

A tank installation is in most cases linked to an environmental permit. Our environmental and safety coordinator can always advise in this matter.

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