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Packaging dry ice

Dry ice has the property to convert from solid form to gaseous form. This property also ultimately characterises the name 'dry ice', as there is no residue after a period of time. By the extremely cold temperature of dry ice, -79°C, a very good insulation is needed to preserve the dry ice to a maximum extent.

IJsfabriek Strombeek provides dry ice in a wide range of packaging such as dry ice containers and individual packages.

Bulk deliveries in containers

Dry ice for simple applications can be supplied in a container of 250 kg and 400 kg. We have containers with loose cover and without wheels or with fixed cover and four wheels.

For applications where dry ice is used as a radiating grid, we make use of the even better insulated containers. These containers have a maximum capacity of 400 kg.

The containers shall be made available to the customer for a short-period and are retrieved after use. The shelf life of dry ice in such an insulated container is limited between 3 to 5 days and is always coupled with weight loss of the ice in the container.

Individual dry ice packaging

Dry ice can be supplied in various convenient packaging. As such IJsfabriek Strombeek delivers dry ice grains in standard dry ice packages of 10 kg to our customers. On request, it can also be supplied in different quantities of e.g. 5 kg with large purchase volumes.

We also have  dry ice-disks with dimensions of 125x210 mm or 125x105 mm (in varying thicknesses and weights) in our range.

With larger purchases, the individual dry ice packages shall also always be packaged in a transport container as discussed above.

Polystyrene boxes

On request, IJsfabriek Strombeek can also make polystyrene boxes available. The available volumes are 10 and 30 kg. These are purchased and will not be returned by the customer. Of course, one can also take delivery of the dry ice with own insulated containers such as for example a freezer box.

Click here for a full and detailed overview of all possible delivery forms of dry ice.


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