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Tank containers

In order to assess the feasibility of an application in which gases must be stored in large volumes, it is sometimes necessary to carry out a test. IJsfabriek Strombeek has tank containers of 600 litres which are conceptually similar to a vacuum-insulated tank.

Thanks to the limited volume, the customer does not need to be in the possession of a license and neither does it exceed the ADR limits so that in the field of logistics one can flexibly deal with the tank containers of IJsfabriek Strombeek.

The tank containers can be used for various gases such as oxygen, argon, nitrogen, laughing gas and CO2. Our technical staff is available to check the connection of these mini tanks on the installation as well as to give advice on the use of these mini tanks.

Together with you we evaluate the test project, after which we may possibly transfer to the use of storage tanks.

Some application possibilities:

  • Liquid nitrogen for crimping of the components of the metal-processing industry
  • Liquid nitrogen for applications of laser cutting
  • Liquid nitrogen, delivered to hospitals for freeze applications

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