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Plasma cutting


Plasma cutting is a process whereby thermal energy in the form of a plasma beam, generated by a plasma cutter (plasma torch), is used to allow material to melt or even partly sublimate. The molten material is removed from the cut by the high temperature and high speed of the plasma beam.

All electrically conductive materials up to 200 mm thickness can be cut by a plasma cutter. There is often an after treatment of the cut made because this one is rounded on the top side.

The Plasma Cutter (plasma torch) consists of the following components:

  • A power source
  • A plasma torch
  • An earth cable
  • A gas supply line

An electric arc is generated between a tungsten electrode (cathode) and the workpiece (anode) in an environment with ionised gas. By the triggering of the electric arc, the plasma beam is generated that is channelled through the nozzle of the plasma torch.


  • A plasma cutter, mainly CNC plasma cutters
  • Plasma gas

IJsfabriek Strombeek provides the high pure auxiliary gases necessary for the optimisation of plasma cutting with a CNC plasma cutter:

The mixture of hydrogen and high purity argon delivers the best results in terms of both quality and speed. Both the material to be processed, the type of plasma cutter as well as the desired degree of finishing are important in the choice of plasma gas to be used.

Each type of plasma torch requires a specific gas and specific torches or ancillary equipment which shall be determined by the manufacturer. The use of the wrong gas or material can cause serious injury or damage to the material used.

Our team of specialists can guide you with the know-how of the business in the selection of the correct material and the correct plasma gas.


  • Plasma cutting is suitable for all conductive materials: all steel alloys, brass, aluminium, nickel, copper and their alloys
  • A small spreading of heat in the workpiece
  • A high cutting speed
  • Cutting complex shapes

IJsfabriek Strombeek has in addition to the necessary plasma gases a wide range of plasma cutters from leading brands.

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