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Gas mixtures

We offer a complete range of argon/CO2-mixtures, as well as special 3 component gases for use in welding techniques and material handling. IJsfabriek Strombeek can also meet your needs with mixtures of different gases which should be composed with great accuracy.


Welding and cutting technique


  • MAG welding of non-alloy or low-alloy steels: argon + 8 to 25% CO2
  • MAG welding of corrosion-resistant heat resistant steel: argon + 0,5 to 5% CO2
  • MIG welding of aluminium alloys: argon + 25 to 75% helium
  • MAG welding with high power: argon + helium + 8 to 25% CO2 + 0,5 to 3% oxigen

Plasma cutting

  • High purity auxiliary gas for plasma cutting with CNC plasma cutter: Argon + Hydrogen / Nitrogen + Hydrogen


  • Protective gas with gas tungsten arc welding: Argon + Helium / Argon + Hydrogen

Environmental engineering

Serre cultivation

  • For faster ripening of fruit or vegetables: 96% nitrogen, 4% ethylene

Feeding and Packaging

Beer tapping

  • For the tapping of special kinds of beer: (CO2) + 70% nitrogen

Packaging of food

  • Packaging gas ensures a longer shelf life date for your products