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Nitrogen is a colourless and odourless gas. The gas is chemically inert, non-combustible and oxygen suppressing. Nitrogen is present in air with 78.1% vol. Nitrogen serves in liquid, frozen form as freezing medium in the food industry and with the transport with refrigerated vehicles. Since nitrogen is an inert, odourless and tasteless gas, it is often used as atmosphere for the packaging of foodstuffs.

In the metal industry and mechanical engineering Nitrogen is used for the heat treatment of various types of metal and as a means of pressure in tanks or pipes. Also in chemical processes is nitrogen often used, for example in the synthesis of ammonia.

Physicochemical constants

Symbol N2
Average molecular weight (kg/mol) 28.01
Density of the gas (kg/m3 at 1.013 bar and 0 °C) 1.251
Relative density of the gas (air = 1) 0.967
Boiling point 1 bar - 195.8 °C (77.3 K)
Melting point 1 bar - 210.0 °C (63.1 K)
Critical temperature t = - 147 °C (126.2 K) p = 55 bar
Self-ignition temperature Non-flammable

1 litre liquid nitrogen releases 691 litres of gas at 15 °C and 1 bar.

Application areas

Cooling during or after production

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Shrink components with liquid nitrogen or dry ice

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Specific gases with a higher degree of purity for applications in laboratories

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The combination of a laser beam with a high purity auxiliary gas

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Inertisation of storage tanks with nitrogen or CO2 to reduce the oxygen concentration

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Delivery forms

Gas form - Cylinders

Content Diameter Height Weight Pressure (bar) Pressure of Gas
50 l 22.9 cm ca. 1.7 m ca. 75 kg 200 10.0 m3
45 l 22.9 cm ca. 1.55 m ca. 65 kg 200 9.0 m3
27 l 20.4 cm ca. 1.00 m ca. 45 kg 200 5.4 m3
10 l 14.0 cm ca. 1.00 m ca. 25 kg 200 2.0 m3
5 l 13.0 cm ca. 0.55 m ca. 10 kg 200 1.0 m3

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Gas form – Cylinder bundles

Content Length Width Height Total Weight Bar Vol.
12 bottles (45l) 1050 800 1840 +/- 1000 kg 150 80 m3
12 bottles (45l) 1050 800 1840 +/- 1000 kg 200 108 m3
12 bottles (50l) 1050 800 1990 +/- 1200 kg 200 120 m3

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Cylinder identification

Colour  (according to NBN-EN 1089):

  • The ogive is painted in black RAL 9005
  • The cylindrical part is painted is painted in dark grey RAL 7031

Stop cock connection: G 5/8” - right / external (NBN226/DIN477)

Stop cock material: brass

Identification: ISO-sticker with ADR-data and H - and P-sentences according CLP


Piping systems are pressure and product-linked and the design must therefore be taken care of by competent people in observance with the current standards and legislation.

Each gas with its specific purity requires suitable material. For every application the appropriate material can be supplied such as: mufflers, flow meters, filters, valves, pressure gauges...

Specification of the quality

Cylinders (gas)

Name N2 (vol. %) H2O vol. ppm O2 + Ar vol. % O2 vol. ppm CO2 vol. ppm CnHm vol. ppm
2.5 ind. ≥ 99.5 ≤ 50 ≤ 0.5 - - -
5.0 (foodgrade) * ≥ 99.999 ≤ 1 - ≤ 5 ≤ 1 ≤ 1

* Cylinders with sticker indication 5.0 (food grade)

Bulk (liquid, frozen)

Name N2 (vol. %) H2O vol. ppm O2 + Ar vol. % O2 vol. ppm CO2 vol. ppm CnHm vol. ppm
4.5 ≥ 99.995 See specification sheet (on request) See specification sheet (on request) See specification sheet (on request) See specification sheet (on request) See specification sheet (on request)

Transport and storage is provided here in vacuum insulated containers (thermos)

Safety information

See the safety information sheet (SDS) nr: 089A (gas) and B (liquid, frozen).