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Leisure time

In leisure pursuits, there are plenty of gases used. Just think of gas mixtures for divers, carbon dioxide for paintball pistols, balloon gas for celebrations or CO2 in aquariums.

CO₂ in aquariums

Guarantee a healthy and beautiful plant growth in your aquarium thanks to a metered addition of CO₂

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CO₂ in swimming pools

Swimming pool water is a breeding ground of bacteria, a disinfection installation is recommended

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CO₂ for compressed air pistols

The firing of a paintball pistol or sporting pistol can be done with CO₂

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Dive mixtures

Nitrox, Heliox or Trimix and the standard gases helium, oxygen and nitrogen used as diving mixtures

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Helium / balloon gas

A gas mixture of helium and nitrogen that is suitable to blow up all types of balloons

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