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Gaseous oxygen in the case of home care

When the human body cannot absorb sufficient oxygen (O2) from the inhaled air, the administration of extra oxygen is necessary.

Application scope

For all patients who show signs of oxygen deficit, a supplemental oxygen therapy is a general symptomatic treatment that should be initiated as soon as possible. This additional treatment fits usually in the home care.

'Gaseous medical oxygen' is a registered medicine with IJsfabriek Strombeek. The manufacture is therefore performed under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), under the supervision of a qualified person (industry pharmacist). The Federal Agency for Medicinal Products and health products checks whether the production by IJsfabriek Strombeek is indeed carried out according to the GMP.

Of course oxygen therapy is only a part of the treatment for lack of oxygen. It is important that the underlying causes of this deficit are found as quickly as possible and be treated.

To speed up the start of the treatment of the real cause of an established oxygen deficiency, the Belgian institution RIZIV has ruled that oxygen therapy in itself is only refundable for six months. This, pending an examination of the patient by a recognised lung specialist. If this lung doctor considers that the patient needs oxygen in combination with other therapies, the oxygen is again refundable.


IJsfabriek Srombeek provides gaseous medical oxygen and oxygen concentrators for home care for the short term, and this at the order of pharmacists of public offices.

To obtain an optimal service, IJsfabriek Strombeek works closely together with the pharmaceutical wholesaler Belmedis, who specialises in deliveries in the framework of home care.


Because the gaseous medical oxygen of IJsfabriek Strombeek is a registered product, it is the highest quality and the highest degree of safety for users and patients.

Through the cooperation with Belmedis, IJsfabriek Strombeek can always ensure a quick and correct delivery of medical oxygen.