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Reference for decades in the field of dry ice

With our strategic location in the centre of the country IJsfabriek Strombeek is your best partner for dry ice. We offer a wide variety of dry ice, such as pellets of 3, 9 or 16 mm and disks of 0.5 to 2 kg.

In 2015-2016 our entire production hall for dry ice was adapted. With this, a particular attention was paid to the higher requirements with regard to hygiene and food suitability of the production process, but also for the further automation of it.

The production units for pellets and disks were all renewed with state-of-the-art-units which belong to the best performing in the market. This gives obviously a qualitative but also energetically positive result.

IJsfabriek Strombeek was already a pioneer when it comes to the packaging of dry-ice-pellets. Now we made a step forward to tune the production process even better to the individual packaging of pellets. We can therefore also offer a variety of packages with weights of 1 kg, 5 kg and 10 kg.

In the course of 2016 an additional production line was provided for the production of dry ice discs. This way we can deliver quite a lot more different sizes. Click here for a full and detailed overview.